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Chrono Cross of Hunting 2020

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A stable wormhole was discovered in Hong Kong for the first time. People can use the stable wormhole to return to the time point in history. In order to prevent someone from going back to history through the wormhole and destroying history, the Space-Time Administration came into being. The Space-Time Administration is responsible for correcting history and keeping history running on the established orbit. However, Zuo Shi, the captain of the Time and Space Guard, suddenly led five subordinates, carrying guns and weapons beyond the progress of the times, broke into the wormhole, and returned to the historical city of Qinyang, intending to subvert the history and threaten the time management bureau within 48 hours. Close the wormhole. In order to save history, female detective Jing Tong was ordered to meet Qin Lang, the former captain of the guard team, to lead the newly formed guard team, equipped with bronze weapons, to return to history and stop Zuo Shi and his party.

Durasi: 64 Min

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